Snoop Dogg Sparks Controversy Smoking Blunt in Studio with Grandkids Nearby

Snoop Dogg has once again ignited a heated discussion with his unapologetic affinity for cannabis, regardless of his surroundings. While it’s not unusual to see Snoop indulging in a blunt in the studio, some eyebrows were raised as his grandkids were present in the room.

The controversial moment unfolded when Snoop Dogg shared a video on Instagram on February 21, showing him smoking a blunt in a recording studio while his two granddaughters were also present.

HipHopDX initially reported the incident, triggering a flurry of responses in the comments section. The debate sparked questions about whether parents and grandparents should smoke in the presence of children and where to draw the line.

Commenters expressed concern, with one stating, “Nobody and I do mean NOBODY smoking around my babies,” while another questioned, “Like Seriously… Is there a blunt in his hand in front of the grand babies? Come on, man, damn.”

However, some defended Snoop, arguing that smoking cannabis around kids might be preferable to smoking tobacco or in other environments. One commenter pointed out, “Y’all talkin bout smokin weed around kids?? Half of u smokin Marlboro with the soccer kids in the back of the minivan.”

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has found himself in the midst of controversy regarding his cannabis use. Last November, he announced a viral stunt about quitting “smoking,” which turned out to be a promotion for a smokeless fire pit. This move drew criticism from shareholders and reportedly led to changes in the company’s leadership.

In 2019, Snoop faced backlash for a social media post comparing the effects of cannabis and alcohol using photos of himself and former English soccer player Paul Gascoigne. The post highlighted the physical deterioration associated with alcohol abuse but showed no significant changes in Snoop’s appearance over time.

Wiz Khalifa, another prominent figure in the cannabis community, has also been open about his use of marijuana as a parent. During a podcast appearance, he discussed attending parent-teacher conferences while stoned, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself as a parent.

In conclusion, Snoop Dogg’s recent video smoking a blunt in the presence of his grandkids has reignited debates about responsible cannabis use, parenting, and societal expectations.


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