Historic Jamaica Company Ships THC Products to U.S. for Testing

In a significant milestone for Jamaica’s cannabis industry, a local company has successfully exported THC products to the United States for analytical testing. Pure Jamaican, in collaboration with its GMP-certified pharmaceutical partner Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, achieved this feat, marking the first legal export of THC from Jamaica to the U.S. This move underscores Jamaica’s emergence as a key player in the global cannabis supply chain.

Since Jamaica legalized the commercial export of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes in 2015, regulatory frameworks for exporting medical marijuana products were finalized in 2021. Pure Jamaican is seizing this opportunity by legally exporting proprietary pharmaceutical products containing cannabis-derived THC, hemp-derived CBD, and other cannabinoids to major markets like the United States and Brazil.

With approval from Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness and corresponding import permits from the DEA, Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals facilitated the export of cannabis-derived THC products to the U.S. These products underwent successful analytic testing at a DEA-licensed facility. Scott Cathcart, CEO of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, expressed pride in this achievement, highlighting its significance for Jamaica’s reputation in the global cannabis ecosystem.

The timing of this shipment coincides with the DEA’s contemplation of rescheduling cannabis under federal law. Following a recommendation from Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services, to remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the DEA is evaluating potential rescheduling. If approved, Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals intends to seek DEA permits for shipping Pure Jamaican pharmaceutical THC products to patients in the U.S., adhering to all relevant regulations.

Shullette Cox, president of Jamaica Promotions Corp. (JAMPRO), lauded Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals’ success, emphasizing Jamaica’s commitment to fostering its medicinal cannabis industry and driving export growth. Meanwhile, Seven-10 has already commenced shipments of medicinal cannabis formulations to patients in Brazil, tapping into a market totaling over 500 million individuals.

Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, chief regulatory and compliance officer of Pure Jamaican and Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, expressed pride in Jamaica’s rich medicinal plant heritage, affirming the company’s dedication to exploring botanical medicines for health, wellness, and economic growth.

In summary, the legal export of THC products from Jamaica to the U.S. signifies a significant step forward for both countries and underscores Jamaica’s evolving role in the global cannabis industry.


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