Wana Brands, Renowned U.S. Edibles Manufacturer, Expands to Europe in Partnership with Alpen Group

Wana Brands, a prominent name in the U.S. cannabis edibles industry, has announced its venture into the European market through a strategic collaboration with Alpen Group. The expansion marks a significant milestone for Wana Brands, known for its popular line of weed-infused gummies, as it taps into Europe’s evolving cannabis landscape.

The initial launch will take place in Switzerland, where Alpen Group, a leading cannabis pharmaceutical manufacturer, is headquartered. Switzerland has recently approved pilot programs for non-medical cannabis retail distribution, signaling a shift towards recreational marijuana legalization. These pilot trials, spanning several cities, aim to gather insights into the effects of cannabis legalization, paving the way for nationwide regulation.

While cannabis with over 1% THC remains illegal in Switzerland, the country has decriminalized possession of small quantities since 2012. Wana Brands’ entry into the Swiss market represents a significant milestone, offering consumers access to the first U.S. cannabis edible gummies available in the country.

Nancy Whiteman, co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Alpen Group, emphasizing their shared commitment to quality and innovation. The collaboration positions Wana Brands as a frontrunner in Europe’s burgeoning adult-use cannabis market.

Switzerland’s reputation for precision and excellence aligns with Wana Brands’ values, ensuring adherence to the highest manufacturing standards. The company’s cannabis gummies will be produced in a state-of-the-art facility, certified under good agriculture and collecting practices (GACP) and European Union good manufacturing practices (EU-GMP). Leveraging Alpen Group’s technological advancements, the manufacturing process will prioritize real-time data collection, rigorous testing, and compliance with safety standards.

Wana Brands’ product offerings include a diverse range of formulations, catering to various consumer preferences. With Alpen Group’s expertise in medical preparations and dosage formats, Wana aims to deliver consistent quality to European markets.

Todd Boren, co-founder and CEO of Alpen Group, expressed optimism about the collaboration, highlighting the opportunities for innovation and growth. The partnership seeks to capitalize on emerging markets and contribute to the advancement of the global cannabis industry.

Wana Brands’ expansion into Europe coincides with ongoing cannabis reforms across the continent. Countries like Malta and Germany have made significant strides towards legalization, reflecting a broader trend towards progressive cannabis policies in Europe. As Wana Brands enters new markets, it is poised to shape the future of cannabis consumption and contribute to the industry’s growth on a global scale.


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