Travis Kelce’s Career Shift: Cowboys Passed Due to Pot-Related Suspension

In a recent podcast, Travis and Jason Kelce, notable brothers in the NFL, delved into the enduring impact of weed-related suspensions on players’ careers. Travis recounted how a suspension altered his trajectory, leading him to become a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce podcast, Travis revisited the year-long suspension he faced after testing positive for THC in 2010 while playing college football for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. He disclosed that the Dallas Cowboys passed on him during scouting due to this suspension, a decision he discussed on the podcast.

The suspension stemmed from a failed drug test for cannabis during the 2010 Sugar Bowl, leading to Travis being sidelined for the entire season. This setback not only subjected him to judgment but also impacted his prospects at the NFL combine, where the Dallas Cowboys opted not to select him in 2013 despite Coach Andy Reid’s confidence in his abilities.

Reflecting on the interview process at the combine, Travis revealed his reluctance to discuss the suspension initially. However, prompted by his brother Jason, he shared the encounter with the Cowboys, highlighting his firm stance against being unfairly judged for past mistakes.

Instead of selecting Travis, the Cowboys drafted tight end Gavin Escobar, who had a less impactful career compared to Travis. Travis went on to excel with the Kansas City Chiefs, demonstrating his potential with impressive receiving yards in subsequent seasons.

This podcast episode, shared on social media on March 2, sheds light on how Travis Kelce’s suspension reshaped his career trajectory.

Kelce’s Suspension Altered Career Path

The Kelce brothers had previously discussed Travis’s 2010 suspension on various platforms. In a December 2023 episode of Bussin’ With the Boys, Travis revealed how the suspension prompted his transition from quarterback to tight end, ultimately shaping his NFL journey.

Travis acknowledged the prevalence of marijuana use among NFL players, noting its widespread acceptance despite league regulations. He emphasized the need for players to manage their usage strategically to navigate drug tests successfully.

Insights from former NFL players, such as Martellus Bennett and Ricky Williams, further underscored the commonality of marijuana use within the league. This trend aligns with observations in other professional sports leagues, indicating a broader cultural shift towards acceptance of cannabis use among athletes.

In recounting his experiences, Travis Kelce offers valuable insights into the challenges and choices facing NFL players, highlighting the complex interplay between personal decisions and professional aspirations in the competitive world of football.


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