Thousands Gather at Hippie Hill for 4/20 Celebration Despite Event Cancellation

In a testament to the power of cannabis culture, thousands of people gathered at Hippie Hill in San Francisco on 4/20, despite the official cancellation of the city-sanctioned event. The hill was abuzz with activity, as attendees enjoyed music, food, and vendors selling art and goods.

While the official event was canceled due to city budget cuts and a lack of sponsors, the community came together to create their own celebration. The lower part of the hill was transformed into a “Peace, Love and Volo Field Day” with games and activities, while the upper part was designated as a “spectator area” where people could relax and enjoy the sun.

Attendees were undeterred by the cancellation, with many commenting on the freedom and energy of the unofficial event. “I expected it to be packed,” said Chandra Edelstein, a longtime 4/20 celebrator. “People still flock here and the energy is amazing.”

The cancellation of the official event paved the way for other celebrations to take center stage, including SF Weed Week, which held its inaugural event in the lead-up to 4/20. The event showcased local growers and featured a range of activities and activations.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has also gotten in on the cannabis action, featuring a new display of ceramic bongs in its gift shop. The “Weed’d” collection features beautifully crafted pieces that are both functional and display-worthy, ranging in price from $50 to $195.

According to museum store buyer Camille Verboort, the decision to feature cannabis-related items was a natural extension of the museum’s existing offerings. “We currently sell bar items quite well and, this being San Francisco, thought we could make room for cannabis accessories if we found designs that made sense for us,” Verboort said.

The “Weed’d” collection is designed to challenge the traditional narrative and stigma associated with bongs, and features bold primary colors and sculptural quality. One of the designers, Maddalena Casadei, shared that she had never used a bong before, which allowed her to experiment with the design process. “The round shapes go along with the softness of the experience of using it. It is in fact designed to give pleasure through touch as well,” Casadei said.

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