Smart & Safe Florida Launches $5M Ad Campaign to Boost Marijuana Legalization Support

With Election Day just six months away, the push to legalize recreational cannabis in Florida is gaining momentum. The campaign sponsor, Smart & Safe Florida, has unveiled a new advertising blitz designed to educate voters and bolster support for Amendment 3.

According to a Smart & Safe Florida press release, four advertisements will air across broadcast, cable, streaming, radio, and digital platforms statewide. These ads feature a diverse group of Floridians, including mothers, business professionals, and a former law enforcement officer and Vietnam War veteran, all advocating for Amendment 3 and the benefits of safe, regulated cannabis.

A Detailed Look at Florida’s New Cannabis Ad Campaign

The $5 million campaign highlights various themes, with each ad focusing on different reasons why voters should support Amendment 3 this November.

  • The “Freedom” ad features retired U.S. Army Col. Wilson Barnes, who calls current cannabis policies “outdated” and detrimental to Florinians’ freedom, emphasizing his military service in defense of that freedom.
  • The “Available” ad discusses the dangers of unregulated, illicit cannabis currently available in Florida.
  • The “Clear Choice” ad presents a “no” vote on Amendment 3 as enabling “cartel criminals” to profit from dangerous, unregulated marijuana, while a “yes” vote would enhance consumer safety.
  • The “Vote Yes” ad, a full-minute clip, covers many of the same points as the three 30-second ads, stressing the amendment’s potential to provide greater freedom, generate revenue for schools, police, and safer communities.

The ads uniformly emphasize that a yes vote on Amendment 3 will improve the health and safety of Floridians by replacing cartel-trafficked marijuana with regulated products, allowing law enforcement to focus on violent crime, and preventing dangerous substances from entering the market.

Paving the Way for Approval

Last month, the Florida Supreme Court approved the amendment for the ballot, dismissing challenges from Attorney General Ashley Moody, who argued that the measure was misleading and did not inform voters about federal prohibition.

A yes vote on Amendment 3 would legalize adult-use cannabis, permitting possession of up to three ounces of flower and up to five grams of concentrate. A no vote would oppose legalization and its associated regulations.

Recent polling indicates that while support for legal recreational cannabis in Florida is strong, it may not be sufficient to pass the amendment. In Florida, a measure must achieve 60% support to be enacted.

A USA Today/Ipsos survey revealed that 56% of registered Florida voters and 49% of Florida adults overall support the measure. Another recent poll found 58% of Florida voters in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis, still below the required threshold for approval.

Smart & Safe Florida spokesperson Morgan Hill stated, “A smart and safe Florida means a regulated marijuana market where Floridians no longer need to turn to illicit cartel-trafficked products on the streets. More than half of Americans already enjoy access to safe, regulated marijuana, and we believe Floridians deserve that same freedom. Our campaign in support of Amendment 3 is in full swing, and we’re excited to continue connecting with voters through to November.”


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