San Francisco Gears Up for Citywide Cannabis Celebration – SF Weed Week

While San Francisco’s iconic 4/20 event at Hippie Hill has been called off this year, cannabis enthusiasts need not worry. The city is rolling out a brand new celebration – SF Weed Week – spanning multiple days and venues from April 13th to 21st.

This inaugural cannabis extravaganza is the brainchild of David Downs, an acclaimed cannabis journalist and author. Downs envisioned creating a cannabis-themed event akin to SF Beer Week, shining a spotlight on cultivators, unique strains, and the city’s rich weed culture.

“Weed growers deserve rock star treatment like album releases at Amoeba Records. SF Weed Week will give these strain launches the fanfare they deserve. It’s going to be amazing,” Downs stated.

Unlike a single-day festival, SF Weed Week offers a weeklong lineup of cannabis-centric happenings across the city. The festivities kick off with an art exhibition on April 5th showcasing cannabis-inspired mylar artworks.

Over the following weeks, participating lounges like Mission Cannabis Club, Meadow, SPARC, and others will host exclusive strain premieres. Cannabis aficionados can look forward to debuts of coveted varieties such as Rainbow Belts, Blue Lobster, Pink Jesus, and more.

The event has garnered support from local cannabis leaders like Ali Jamalian of Sunset Connect and Ben Grambergu of 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, who believe it’s high time San Francisco’s cannabis culture gets its deserved spotlight.

“San Francisco is the cannabis epicenter of the world. A city-spanning celebration showcasing top cultivators and strains makes perfect sense,” remarked Jamalian.

Grambergu added, “With an array of amazing events and activations, SF Weed Week proves the cannabis scene is thriving despite naysayers. This is something for every enthusiast.”

As Hippie Hill’s 4/20 party takes a pause, SF Weed Week presents a fresh and extended format to honor the region’s prestigious cannabis legacy. Prepare for a multi-day, high-octane exploration of NorCal’s finest crops and creators.


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