RAW Rolling Papers Wins Trademark Dispute, Sets Precedent for Industry

In a significant victory for RAW Rolling Papers, the manufacturer has won an appeal in a trademark dispute with Central Coast Agriculture, Inc. (CCA), a Delaware-based company. The ruling has far-reaching implications for the rolling paper industry, dismissing the claim that rolling papers are “drug paraphernalia” and protecting non-cannabis-touching companies’ trademarks.

The dispute began when CCA applied for a trademark for its “RAW GARDEN” cannabis products, which BBK, the manufacturer of RAW rolling papers, claimed infringed on its “RAW” trademark. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of BBK, invalidating several of CCA’s trademark applications and rejecting the suggestion that rolling papers are “drug paraphernalia.”

The ruling is a significant win for BBK, which has been fighting to protect its trademark from unauthorized use. The company has faced similar legal battles in the past, including a lawsuit against Republic Tobacco, which was found to have willfully infringed on RAW’s copyright and trade dress.

The appellate court’s ruling sends the trademark infringement claim against CCA back to the district court for a full trial. BBK representatives say the ruling protects consumers from confusion and misleading practices associated with the unauthorized use of the “RAW” name on rolling paper and other cannabis-adjacent products.

The ruling has widespread implications for the rolling paper industry, setting a precedent for how lawsuits will play out in the future. It also highlights the importance of protecting trademarks in the cannabis industry, where companies are increasingly looking to establish their brands and protect their intellectual property.

RAW Rolling Papers has been a leader in the industry, not only in terms of its products but also in its advocacy efforts. The company has donated to organizations such as The JUSTÜS Foundation, which aims to facilitate the entry of legacy cannabis operators into the legal cannabis market.

The new ruling adds another dimension to the protections that RAW Rolling Papers and BBK are entitled to, pending the appeal’s final ruling. It is a significant victory for the company and sets an important precedent for the industry as a whole.


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