Oregon Cannabis Pioneer’s Death Raises Concerns Over Alleged Medical Malpractice

Recent developments have shed light on the tragic demise of Horace Wilson, a prominent figure in Oregon’s cannabis industry, whose passing was attributed to a bacterial infection stemming from an alleged medical malpractice incident.

Wilson, affectionately known as “Buddy” among his peers, co-founded Decibel Farms, an esteemed cannabis company in Oregon. His hospitalization in January 2022 following a ladder fall led to a series of surgeries, culminating in complications like sepsis. Tragically, Wilson succumbed to treatment-resistant sepsis on February 25, a consequence of a bacterial infection identified as Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Initially, Wilson’s family and associates attributed his demise to hospital oversight and misfortune. However, subsequent revelations have surfaced, implicating a nurse at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, where Wilson received treatment, in a harrowing episode. Allegations suggest that the nurse tampered with fentanyl IV bags, replacing the medication with tap water, resulting in the bacterial infection that proved fatal.

Legal proceedings have been initiated, with Wilson’s estate filing an $11.5 million lawsuit against the nurse, identified as Dani Marie Schofield. The Medford Police Department has been investigating claims of controlled substance theft and its impact on patient care. While Schofield’s involvement remains under scrutiny, concerns have arisen regarding the potential impact on other patients.

Attorneys representing Wilson’s estate have identified additional clients whose medications may have been compromised. Shaun Bishop, Wilson’s business partner, lamented the possibility that Wilson’s death could have been preventable, expressing profound grief over the loss.

Wilson’s legacy as a devoted father and cannabis advocate underscores the gravity of the situation. His daughter, who spent considerable time by his side during hospitalization, expressed early apprehensions about Schofield’s conduct. While declining to comment for legal reasons, her concerns hint at potential irregularities that may have been overlooked.

Decibel Farms, the company Wilson co-founded, continues its operations despite the profound loss. Bishop acknowledges Wilson’s contributions to the cannabis industry and remains committed to upholding his vision.

As investigations unfold, the cannabis community mourns the loss of a pioneering figure while grappling with the unsettling revelations surrounding Wilson’s untimely demise.


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