Metrc Secures Contract to Implement Cannabis Track-and-Trace System in Kentucky

Metrc, a leading track-and-trace software for monitoring cannabis from cultivation to distribution, has recently announced a significant contract agreement with the state of Kentucky. The decision comes in the wake of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s approval of Senate Bill 47 in March 2023, slated to become effective on January 1, 2025, prompting the state to prepare its regulatory framework accordingly. The move aims to establish a robust system for the oversight of the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program, ensuring patients with qualifying medical conditions access safe and affordable medical cannabis through evidence-based practices, transparency, outreach, and education, as stated in a press release by Metrc.

CEO Michael Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for Metrc’s involvement in Kentucky’s medical cannabis market, emphasizing the company’s commitment to collaborating with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to develop a regulatory framework conducive to a secure marketplace. Metrc’s track-and-trace system utilizes RFID tags to record comprehensive data on cannabis plants, including origin, testing results, handling, and chain-of-custody information. This data accessibility not only aids state regulators but also assists dispensary operators in managing inventory and monitoring sales and cultivation data effectively.

Kentucky marks the 25th government contract for Metrc, which highlights its growing presence in the southern region of the United States, including states like Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia. The company’s track record boasts over 5.6 billion logged events and more than $31 billion worth of sales monitored through its platform.

The passage of Senate Bill 47 in Kentucky allows patients suffering from various qualifying medical conditions to seek relief through medical cannabis, aligning with Governor Beshear’s vision of offering alternatives to opioids for pain management. Beshear has been proactive in overseeing the implementation of the Medical Cannabis Program, providing updates through the official website and establishing the Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Workgroup to study policy implications with input from various stakeholders.

While medical cannabis remains a focal point in Kentucky’s legislative agenda, there have also been discussions around adult-use cannabis. Representative Nima Kulkarni introduced House Bill 72 in January 2024, aiming to legalize adult-use cannabis for personal use and cultivation, although no recent updates on the bill’s progress have been reported as of February 23.

As Kentucky continues to navigate its cannabis regulations, the partnership with Metrc underscores the state’s commitment to implementing a comprehensive track-and-trace system to ensure compliance and safety within the medical cannabis industry.


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