Exploring the Potential of Medical Cannabis: Female Orgasmic Disorder Considered in Four States

In a progressive move, four states – Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico, and Connecticut – are exploring the possibility of including Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis use. The idea stems from growing research indicating that cannabis may facilitate more frequent and satisfying orgasms for women.

FOD, characterized by a difficulty or delay in achieving orgasm despite sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal, could potentially find relief through medical marijuana. Cannabis, known for its vasodilatory properties that increase blood flow to the genitals, can also alleviate anxiety, making it easier for individuals to relax during sexual encounters, particularly beneficial for those with trauma-related sexual dysfunction. Additionally, cannabis is associated with heightened sensory experiences, potentially enhancing sexual pleasure and creativity.

Suzanne Mulvehill, a clinical sexologist and advocate for FOD treatment, emphasizes the importance of recognizing FOD as a medical condition deserving of proper treatment. She points out the significant mental health issues often accompanying FOD, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD, highlighting the need for effective medical interventions.

The initiative to include FOD as a qualifying condition is gaining momentum in various states. Ohio is currently evaluating a proposed amendment, while Illinois, New Mexico, and Connecticut are also considering the inclusion of FOD in their respective medical cannabis programs. Public feedback and expert assessments are underway in these states to gauge community support and scientific validity.

Mulvehill’s advocacy extends beyond legislative efforts, as she emphasizes the global impact of FOD affecting up to 41% of women. Her petition in Ohio last year aimed to address the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for FOD sufferers, highlighting the need for accessible treatment options.

Recent studies suggest a significant number of women use cannabis to enhance their sexual experiences, with consistent findings over the years. This aligns with existing research showing improved sexual satisfaction among cannabis users. Furthermore, studies indicate a positive correlation between cannabis consumption and sexual desire, suggesting its potential to address disparities in orgasm frequency between genders.

Ultimately, the consideration of FOD as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis reflects a broader acknowledgment of the therapeutic potential of cannabis in addressing sexual dysfunction. Whether as a treatment for diagnosed disorders or as a tool for enhancing sexual experiences, cannabis holds promise in improving sexual health and well-being.


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