Elon Musk Defends Ketamine Use, Claims He’s Usually Sober on Social Media

In a candid interview, Elon Musk opened up about his use of the powerful sedative ketamine, asserting that the controversial drug helps alleviate his bouts of depression. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO also insisted he is typically sober when posting late at night on his social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

“There are times when I have a negative chemical state in my brain, like depression…and ketamine is helpful for getting one out of the negative frame of mind,” Musk told journalist Don Lemon. He revealed having a prescription for low doses of ketamine from “an actual, real doctor.”

Musk’s admission reignited scrutiny over his drug habits, which have raised eyebrows among investors and regulators. A 2022 Wall Street Journal report claimed the billionaire is known to use ketamine recreationally, sparking concerns within SpaceX’s upper ranks. NASA has stated it found no compliance issues with SpaceX’s drug policies.

However, Musk argued his ketamine usage ultimately benefits shareholders by supporting his mental well-being and productivity. “From a Wall Street standpoint, what matters is execution…Tesla is worth about as much as the rest of the car industry combined, so if there is something I’m taking, I should keep taking it,” he told Lemon.

While admitting to ketamine use, Musk denied being frequently impaired when posting controversial tweets and replies in the late hours. “I don’t drink and don’t know how to smoke pot…I’m almost always sober while posting late at night,” he claimed, without specifying whether ketamine was included.

The tense Lemon interview, where Musk abruptly canceled plans for the journalist to host a show on X, highlighted rising tensions over content moderation and hate speech on the platform under Musk’s leadership. Nevertheless, the mogul remains defiant about his personal habits and business practices.


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