Connecticut Unveils New Data on Cannabis Flower Pricing, Purchase Limits

In a move to enhance transparency, Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) has released a new dataset detailing the average price per gram of “usable cannabis” or raw flower sold in the state’s adult-use and medical marijuana markets.

According to the March 11 announcement, the average price per gram of cannabis flower in Connecticut reached $12.28 in February, reflecting a steady increase from $9.68 in October 2023 when recreational sales commenced.

The dataset, which will be updated monthly, provides valuable insights into the evolving cannabis landscape in Connecticut. It complements existing data releases on total sales, product variety, and average prices across different cannabis product categories.

“The new dataset includes data collected since the market opened in January 2023,” the DCP stated, underscoring the commitment to keeping consumers and industry stakeholders informed.

While Connecticut’s flower prices hover around $12 per gram, national averages suggest consumers can find more affordable rates when purchasing in bulk. The March issue of High Times Trans-High Market Quotations reports an average ounce price of $296 across America, translating to roughly $10 per gram.

In addition to unveiling the pricing data, Connecticut has doubled the limit on cannabis purchases for adult-use consumers. As of November 2023, individuals can purchase up to half an ounce (approximately 14 grams) of flower or its equivalent in a single transaction, up from the previous limit.

“We are confident this measured approach to adult-use sales has resulted in a healthy market for businesses, and a safe and fair marketplace for adult-use cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients,” said DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli, highlighting the state’s efforts to balance industry growth and consumer protection.

The medical marijuana purchase limit remains unchanged at 5 ounces or its equivalent per month, with no restrictions on individual transaction amounts.

Connecticut’s cannabis sales data is meticulously tracked through the state’s Seed-to-Sale Tracking System, ensuring transparency from cultivation to point of sale. In February, the state recorded $15.6 million in adult-use sales and $9.4 million in medical marijuana sales, totaling $25 million.

As the cannabis market evolves, Connecticut’s proactive approach to data sharing empowers consumers with valuable information while fostering a well-regulated and responsible industry.


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