Arizona Cannabis Product Recalled Due to Fungus Contamination

In Arizona, a cannabis establishment has voluntarily recalled a product named Onion Bhaji after concerns arose regarding possible contamination with Aspergillus, a fungus known to cause allergic reactions or infections, particularly in individuals with preexisting health conditions.

The Arizona Department of Health Services issued a statement on Monday urging purchasers to discard the affected product, emphasizing the absence of reported illnesses associated with the contamination thus far. The agency’s advisory underscores the importance of caution, urging consumers not to consume the recalled products and to seek medical attention if experiencing any symptoms related to Aspergillus exposure.

The recall was initiated following discrepancies in testing results, prompting regulatory action to address potential health risks. Upon identifying the contamination, the licensee, The Flower Shop, took immediate steps to collaborate with distribution and retail partners to remove the affected products from circulation.

According to reports, the recalled product was distributed to nearly 170 dispensaries across Arizona, in addition to being sold in The Flower Shop’s three metro Phoenix locations. This incident underscores the importance of stringent quality control measures within the cannabis industry to ensure consumer safety.

Product recalls are an inherent aspect of regulated cannabis markets, with Arizona witnessing significant growth in cannabis sales since legalization in 2020. Despite recent challenges, the cannabis industry in Arizona continues to expand, driving economic growth and job creation. Entrepreneurs like Eivan Shahara, CEO of Mint Cannabis, anticipate further growth in the sector, highlighting the industry’s potential as a major job creator in the state and across the nation.


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