Anticipated U.S. Cannabis Sales Surge Predicted to Exceed $31 Billion in 2024

A recent economic forecast by Whitney Economics, a consultancy specializing in cannabis and hemp industries, indicates that regulated marijuana sales in the United States are poised to surpass an impressive $31 billion mark this year. This projection showcases a steady growth trajectory within the legal cannabis market despite various challenges.

The estimation, rooted in data analysis, anticipates a total of $31.4 billion in sales for both medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis in 2024, marking a substantial $2.6 billion increase from the previous year. This growth rate of 9.14% year over year demonstrates the resilience of the cannabis market.

Factors such as changes in consumer spending power, fluctuations in interest rates, and delayed regulatory implementations in emerging markets have influenced the industry. Despite these hurdles, the overall momentum remains positive. However, the decline in legal cannabis sales in certain states underscores the necessity for expansion into new markets.

Beau Whitney, the chief economist at Whitney Economics, highlights the reliability of their predictive analytics, boasting a remarkable 98.3% accuracy rate in last year’s forecast. He emphasizes the enduring demand for legal cannabis in the U.S., with projections indicating sustained growth, particularly in emerging markets.

While the forecast is met with enthusiasm by industry executives, they stress the importance of regulatory reforms to facilitate continued growth. Regulatory changes allowing cannabis businesses to operate seamlessly, including interstate commerce and access to banking services, are deemed essential for the industry’s advancement.

David Craig, the chief marketing officer of Illicit Gardens, advocates for state-led initiatives to streamline regulatory frameworks, emphasizing the need for uniform standards across legal states. He underscores the operational challenges faced by businesses due to regulatory disparities and calls for collaborative efforts to address these issues.

Sarah Carter, communications director at Symple Seeds, applauds the industry’s growth but highlights persistent challenges such as limited access to banking services. She underscores the significance of legislative measures like the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation Act (SAFER) in enabling cannabis businesses to access traditional banking services, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and compliance.

Legislative efforts to address banking limitations have gained traction in the U.S. House of Representatives, with pending bills awaiting action in the Senate. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s commitment to advancing the SAFER Banking Act underscores the urgency of addressing these regulatory barriers to unlock the full potential of the cannabis sector.

In summary, while the forecasted surge in U.S. cannabis sales for 2024 is promising, regulatory reforms are imperative to sustain this growth trajectory and ensure the industry’s long-term viability.


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