American Senior Detained in Colombia for Cannabis Expeditions

An elderly American, aged 73, has been apprehended in Colombia this week for orchestrating “cannabis expeditions” from his residence.

According to reports from CBS News, Colombian law enforcement disclosed that the individual, whose identity remains undisclosed, had been promoting his services through social media and a dedicated website, inviting foreigners to his home located in Sabaneta, a town south of Medellín in the northwestern region of Colombia.

The individual, referred to as “Cannabis Jimmy,” distributed flyers advertising “Cannabis Farm Tours” and promised participants “free samples” during the excursions. Each tour, hosting approximately 2-8 people, necessitated prior reservations and lasted between 2 to 3 hours. During the tours, the man provided insights into “the process of planting, caring for, harvesting, and maintaining this plant,” as stated by the police. Additionally, he offered marijuana to tour participants at $20 per gram.

Upon the arrest, authorities seized 1,380 grams of marijuana. While the individual’s nationality was confirmed as American, his identity has not been disclosed.

Colombia permits the cultivation of medical cannabis and industrial hemp; however, recreational marijuana remains prohibited. Despite efforts to regulate narcotic activities, the country has long grappled with issues related to trafficking, manufacturing, and possession of narcotics.

Last year, Colombian lawmakers deliberated on a proposal aimed at legalizing adult-use marijuana and its commercial sale. However, in December, the Colombian Senate rejected the legislation, thwarting efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis in the country.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who assumed office in 2022, has advocated for the legalization and commercialization of marijuana in Colombia. He criticized the United States for its historical role in the drug war, emphasizing the need for a shift away from prohibitionist policies.

Colombia, recognized as one of the world’s principal producers of the coca bush, has been synonymous with cocaine trafficking. Efforts to combat illicit drug cultivation have involved a combination of alternative development initiatives and law enforcement measures, aiming to provide sustainable livelihoods for affected communities.


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